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Case Study - Cook County, Illinois

The Client

Cook County is the second most populous county in the nation. The County pursued a countywide effort to streamline the time and attendance reporting and scheduling functions through an automated process. The goal was to reduce the amount of manual processing of time and attendance and to improve the accuracy of reporting; thereby, ensuring accurate payroll processing.

The Challenges

  • Automatically track special employee conditions, such as mobile employee pay, leave benefits or union related conditions
  • Automatically process time captured, approvals and payments
  • Comply with County legal and union mandated requirements
  • Provide improved controls over issues such as, unauthorized absences, tardiness and buddy punching
  • Provide visibility to labor allocation, special pay rules, and cost, thus increasing transparency to management

Our Solution

Implemented the following WorkForce Suite Solutions:

  • Workforce Time and Attendance Module
  • Workforce ACT module for Absence Compliance Tracker
  • Workforce Analytics module
  • Installed over 600+ Workforce Clocks

The Results

Successfully achieved Cook County’s project goals of implementing a centralized Workforce Management solution eliminating paper timesheets and manual manager processes, reduced Overtime spending by approximately $14.6M, automated integration into the Oracle ERP solution, gave management real time analytics manage labor costs and improved decision making.

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